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Why then did their doors shut in Bathtub in 2011? Several nationwide and local retailers will likely follow suit and close their doors to Bathtub in 2013. Closure of the preceding were for different reasons and I do not know all the ins and outs of each case, Nevertheless if these companies had been booming would they maybe not all nonetheless be trading? If Bathtub is enduring picture the desperation of independent stores in town's and other towns where they don't-get the 4Million visitors each year and/ or where its shopping catchment's disposable income is below average. What can be completed? Below are a few of my ideas. Independent stores need to pool resources and work collectively to identify their clients and sell them their companies. 2) Retailers must review all supplier costs before every purchase to ensure they remain competitive. 3) Landlords have to share the pain with their renters and take a few of the strike on evaluations and their property income. This demands open and transparent conversation between landlords and occupiers. 4) The general public has to support local businesses wherever they can and independents daytime is a beginning! 1) Authorities has to level the playing field for independent stores. 6) Retail Merchants and their staff have to be with every customer at the very highest part of the game each day. 7) Retailers must review their business plans at least one time a quarter to see if their business remains viable and be savage if it does not. 8) Retailers must undertake an assessment of all their property occupancy prices at least once per quarter. 9) Retail Merchants need to seek out and fast execute innovative approaches of trading. At least 6 new efficiency, cost-saving, profit generating thoughts must be implemented every year. Knowledge and the experience gained from performing for institutional funds, regional and nationwide house companies in the development and running of service fees, for all house types, provides him invaluable insight into current landlord practices.

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